Activation Windows 7 to 120 Days

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Windows 7 (SeVeN) is probably going to continue the trial software trend that starts with Windows Vista’s rearm, that user can install Windows 7 without any product key for free usage of 30 days as evaluation period. During the 30-day activation free grace period, user does not need to activate Windows 7, and can use Windows 7 of any edition in full functionality.

Although Windows 7 product activation function will keep reminding user how many days left to input a product key and activate the system in order to continue using the operating system beyond 30 days. In reality, Windows 7 also equip with a secret ‘rearm’ key in order to reset the free 30-day evaluation period limitation, which allows user to extend the activation-free usage or evaluation expiry date of Windows 7 for another 30 days legally.

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