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How to: Speed up your computer's boot time

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One of the questions I am often asked is how to speed up the boot time(time Windows takes to load or boot).

There are a variety of factors (both hardware and software) involved in lowering the amount of time it takes for Windows to load.

Here are some tweaks that will make your computer boot a little faster:

1) Instead of Hard Disk for Operating System, Use Solid State Drive (SSD)

What is SSD ?

2) Add or upgrade RAM. RAM is pretty cheap these days, so if you're running low, there's no reason not to stock up and make your computer run a little smoother.

What is RAM ?

3) Keep antivirus up to date. This is more of a preventative measure than an actual boot-speeding tip, but if you ever do get malware, it's sure to slow your computer's boot time.

You already know, what antivirus is :)

4) Remove unnecessary fonts.Windows has loaded fonts at startup and slowed down the boot time. This is less of a problem than it used to be, but it can still slow you down a bit. Windows 7 loads over 200 fonts at startup; even more if you've installed Microsoft Office.

5) Disable Unused Hardware.Your computer loads a lot of drivers when it first starts up, some of which you might not even use. Head into the Device Manager from the Start Menu's search box, and look for anything you aren't using
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How to: Solve broadband frequent disconnection problem

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If you are facing problem of frequent disconnection (like Lan light & ADSL light goes off......etc)

Before calling broadband office, must try following:

1) Check your Ethernet cable (Lan Cable) & Splitter.
2) Does it give a power restart ? If yes, check the power adapter of your modem.

3) Make sure no lines come before splitter. Check this diagram4) Bypass the splitter, connect line directly to the modem and check.
5) If nothing works, reset the modem and configure it again.

For query, please post in comment box. I will try to solve it.....Good Luck :)
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Download: Mozilla Firefox 6 Beta 2

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Firefox 6 Beta For Windows, Mac, Linux and Android was released a week ago. Mozilla has now launched an update to Firefox 6 Beta. You can call it "Beta 2", as the directory on Mozilla FTP server for the updated beta has been named "6.0b2".

Mozilla Newsletter informs that, "The three million Beta [6] channel testers are about to get their second update of the Firefox 6 cycle. The update will deliver a couple of important crash fixes that should help us to start getting better data on the next level down of instability. We’re just a little bit more than a month away from the release of Firefox 6 so if you know of issues that deserve more attention, please nominate them or email release-drivers."

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Offer: 15% off on DTH service RECHARGE

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PayTm.com has come up with a new coupon code which gives the user a 15% off (min amount Rs 200) on DTH recharge.

Offer valid for limited time.........................................Hurry !!!

Coupon Code: DTH15
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