How To : Add Background Image to USB Drive Window

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We know how to add background images to drives, but do you know how to add background image to USB drive window ?

If you don't know, here is the solution for you.

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  • Open Notepad & copy the following code

[ExtShellFolderViews] {BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}={BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC} [{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}] Attributes=1 IconArea_Image= background image

  • In the above code, you need to replace ‘background image’ with the actual file name of the actual image file name. Eg: ‘exclusivearena.jpg’.
  • Now, save it as desktop.ini
  • Place the “desktop.ini” file and your image file in your USB drive.
(Note: You can hide the files if you want so that they won’t get deleted accidently)

  • Refresh or re-plug your USB device to see the new background for your USB drive window.

Thanks !!

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Anonymous said...

This didn't work for me. Please help by adding more info, like how to save the files and where to put them. I would really appreciate it.


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