Requested : Port Forwarding Beetel 220BX

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As one of our SUBSCRIBER requested the tutorial on Port Forwarding Beetel 220BX (provided by Airtel). I am writing this tutorial to explain how we can port forward Beetel Model and increase our torrent downloading speed.

Here are few simple steps to follow :

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  • Configure your torrent client (utorrent) to listen to a particular port.
In utorrent you can enter this value in : Options menu->Preferences->Network->Port used for incoming connection. Any value between 50000-60000 is recommended.

  • From DOS prompt, type ipconfig. Note the IP address that you get.
  • Now, go to address :
(Username : admin & Password : password)

  • Click on Advanced Setup. Then browse for the NAT option. You reach NAT --> Virtual Servers Setup.
  • This is where, we setup port forwarding. Now, click on "Add"
  • In this window, Select "Custom Server" & Enter the name of the app for which you are setting port forwarding (in this case utorrent)
  • In "Server IP Address:" Enter the IP address you noted earlier.
  • Below, Enter the port no. you selected in step 1 (fill it in "External Port Start" & "External Port End")
  • In protocol select TCP/UDP.
  • Click Save/Apply and the modem will reboot.

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