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If you want to receive emails without sharing your email address with others, just to surprise, it’s possible. Your email address will be not visible to any person but they can still send you mails and the mails will get delivered in your email inbox. For an example suppose you are going to announce a job opening on twitter and expecting people to apply for that post. In those cases where you expect emails from people but don’t want to reveal your email address, you can use a service called Whspr

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Whspr is a free online service where you have to register first. After registering there with your email ID, they will provide you a short URL like Now spread the link everywhere. When people will click on this link, they will get redirected to a web form. They have to provide their email address there with the subject and email body. After submitting that web form, Whspr will forward that message to your actual email address. Look at the screenshot above.

In this way you get your emails without sharing your email address with public. At least you can expect that your email address is secure with Whspr and no spammers can spam your email address from now on.

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