Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 beta released

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Microsoft released a new beta version with the build number 6002.16497 to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 beta testers who can download the second service pack from Windows Update or Microsoft Connect. The Registry entry that was posted in the last article to download Service Pack 2 from Windows Update is still valid and can be used to update the build from version 105 to 113.

It should be noted though that users have to uninstall the last build before they will be able to download the current one since there is no way of updating the builds on top of each other. Users who have already installed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 105 will have to uninstall it, reboot their computer and connect to Windows Update again where they have to download a series of updates that brings the version of the service pack to 113.

Users who did not install the latest service pack beta can simply apply the Registry keys of the file and connect to Windows Update to bring their Vista operating system to version 113 as well.

It should be made clear that beta releases of service packs should not be installed on computer systems that are needed on a daily basis. This version of the Service Pack will add a Evaluation Copy message on the desktop and expire on 4/2/2010 unless uninstalled before that date.

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