How To : Play Street Fighter 3 on your PC

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You can play Street fighter on your computer (older versions, champion edition etc) using Mame32 emulator etc easily but Street Fighter 3 doesn’t work on that.

Here is the solution to play it on PC:

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Emulator we use is known as “CPS3 Emulator” (Capcom Play System 3). It’s a simple emulator designed for very specific games which are

  1. JoJo Bizarre Adventure (3 Parts)
  2. Street Fighter 3 (4 Parts)
  3. Warzard / Red Earth

  • Download the CPS3 Emulator (Here)
  • Unzip it in a specific folder, let’s call it CPS3 (for example).
  • After you’re done installing, create couple of folders, in CPS3 folder (where you unzipped the game). Name the first one “CHD” and second folder “ROMS“.
  • Then you need to download 2 files. First file is called “33s000.chd” - it’s on 64.71 MB and you can download it here. After downloading this one, copy it in the “CHD” folder that you just created. Now download the second file called “sf33usa.bin” (From here) - it’s a small file, 512.00 KB only. Copy it in the “ROMS” folder.
  • When you’re done, run the CPS3 Emulator, double click the “emulator.exe” file and you’ll see a small screen. (like this one)

  • Click on Emulator > Load Rom
  • Double click “Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (CHD)” and it will run the game in the same window. If you want to play it in full screen, just click Video > Switch to Full Screen.

(Credit is given to team of anewmorning)

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