Upgarade your Computer from Windows XP to Windows 7

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Since the release of Windows 7 RC, many Windows lovers are waiting to try their hands on Windows 7. This is pretty much possible to upgrade your Windows XP installation to Windows 7. All you need is to meet Windows 7 system requirements. Once you find your system compatible with Windows 7, you can go ahead. In fact, there are so many ways to perform this task and get Windows 7 installed on your Windows XP system. let’s know how to do this.

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

1. Since there is no way to get it upgraded directly, you have to install it
manually. Uninstall XP installation (format your XP installation drive) and
install the fresh copy of Windows 7 on your system.

2. Leave XP installation intact. Install Windows 7 on an another drive and choose
Windows 7 each time you restart your computer.

3. Install Windows 7 on a pen drive (keep that connected with your PC) and use
Windows 7 with Windows XP at the same time.

We all have to wait till Microsoft gives any official confirmation on this. But for now, we have to follow the above steps to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP or to use both Windows XP and Windows 7 on the same computer.

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