Microsoft will sell Vista until 2011

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Microsoft plans to keep selling Vista to computer makers, system builders, volume licensees and consumers at retail, even after the release of Windows 7.

Windows 7 RC just released and the final version will be available before the end of this year (may be) but the Windows Vista users who aren't going to upgrade, haven't need to worry. Microsoft said that they are not ditching Vista until at least 2011, and will stop patching consumer editions in April 2012.

I read on computerworld Microsoft's policy is to keep an OS in distribution for at least four years after its debut. "Under the Support Lifecycle policy, Windows desktop licenses are available for four years after general availability in all standard product distribution channels -- direct OEM, system builders, retail and volume licensing programs via licenses or via downgrade rights," Microsoft's Web site states.

For Vista, that mark would be January 2011 -- four years after its January 2007 launch.

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