How To : Create Online Backup of Your Twitter Profile

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Have you ever wondered about backing up your twitter profile? Yes, if twitter disables your account for some reason, you will loose all your announcement posts, followers and friends. This will be wise to create a backup of all your twitter activities. This includes your twitter friends, followers and posts. So, lets start backing up our twitter profiles from now on. It’s free and quick. I will guide you on this.

If you are willing to backup your twitter profile, read the below information's :

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  • Your backup will get stored online. You don’t have to download it on your pc.
  • It makes a daily backup of your twitter profile. You just roam freely.
  • No installations required on your part. Everything works online.
  • Simple and easy steps to follow.
  • No need to share your twitter password.

TweetBackUp is the online twitter backup tool. Get registered with them with your twitter profile details (don’t worry, they ask you for your twitter username and email only). And after that your twitter profile back ups would be made everyday and whenever you need it you can get it from them. They just ask you to follow their team on twitter for this free service. Nothing insane in this deal.

So, start creating your twitter profile back ups online from now on.

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