How To : Use Flickr Photos as Your Twitter Background

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Flickr My Background is a neat little tool which checks your Flickr account every hour for uploads to your Flickr account and uses the latest photo as your Twitter background.It checks for new photos on your flickr account every hour and updates your Twitter profile background image accordingly.

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You need to provide your Twitter login details and validate your Flickr account.

I’ve tried it out & it works well, however, you may need to set your custom background image by going to your Twitter design settings page, click on “Change background image”, then, click on the image box that appears.
Also, due to a bug in twitter, you’ll need check off ’tile background’ before clicking save. You can always un-tile it later.

Steps :

  • Provide your email address.
  • Provide twitter login details.
  • Validate your Flickr account.

Next you will be sent to Flickr to connect your account to Twitter. It reads -

By authorizing this link, you’ll allow the Flickr my background [A sawhorse toy] service to provide:
* Access to your photostream (including private stuff)

Click the “OK I’LL ALLOW IT” button on the next page to complete the process.

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