Gmail Introduces Multiple Inboxes !!

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Google introduced yet another feature to its Gmail Labs ie. Multiple Inboxes. This new feature won’t give you the ability to have more than one account open in the same Gmail window, but rather to expand your standard Gmail Inbox with additional panes displaying anything from searches to mail with a specific label or from a certain sender.

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Enable this feature :

You can opt-in to by choosing Settings ->Labs->Multiple Inboxes > Enable -> Save Changes.

Once Gmail restarted, you will find the main view split into several panes; the normal inbox, but also your drafts, or starred messages to its right. Once enabled, you'll get a new Multiple inboxes tab in your Gmail settings. From there, you can choose up to five different panes to display to the right of your Gmail inbox, above your inbox, or below it.

NOTE : "Multiple inboxes" works especially well if you have a high resolution monitor.Gmail users, check out Multiple Inboxes by clicking the Labs tab in settings and let us know how it works for you.

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