Google Chrome Dual View

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Google Chrome Dual View makes it possible to split the Google Chrome browser into a left and right part that can each contain and display a website. Since there is no extension engine yet for Google Chrome the functionality is provided by a bookmarklet which has its impacts on usability.

Users with large computer monitors on the other hand will love the feature which is also available for other browsers. Firefox users can install the Firefox Split Browser extension which provides even more options and ways to split the browser.

The bookmarklet can be moved to the bookmarks so that it can be opened whenever it is needed. It will display a Javascript prompt upon execution for the first website and a second prompt after sending the first website that will contain the second url.

Both websites will then be displayed next to each other in the same Google Chrome window. Usability suffers quite a bit because of the Javascript prompts and no way of changing the contents other than following links or using forms that are visible on that site. It’s ideal on sites like Google Search but becomes a problem if the user wants to switch between sites that are not connected by links.

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