Get Gmail stickers at your doorstep for free

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All Gmail fans out there, here’s a good for you. You can receive Gmail stickers at your doorsteps for free. Gmail has designed some more and printed a bunch to give away them to Gmail fans all around the world.

What all you will get?

There’s the standard Gmail m-velope — dressed up in glitter. One of three bookplate style stickers you can stick on anything from the inside of a favorite book to your laptop or your skateboard.

And there’s a sheet of keyboard shortcut stickers intended as a tool to help people learn Gmail’s shortcuts. The adhesive is a bit more removable than standard stickiness, so you can take them off once you’ve trained your fingers.

How to get them?

No, there is no form to apply or email to send them your request. You will need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope (along with a note if you’re so inclined) to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already

P.O. Box 391420

Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

For India (outside US), enclose an international reply coupon (IRC)

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