SEO Toolbar for firefox !!!

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SEO Toolbar is a Firefox extension that provides a wide range of data that you can be very helpful to make an optimization of your site to search engines. It was developed by the creators of Famous, a site that offers tutorials, advice and training on SEO.

What all is included in it?

  • PageRank of Site (according to Google)
  • An estimate of the number of links pointing to the domain (according to Yahoo)
  • An estimate of the number of links pointing to a specific page (again, according to Yahoo)
  • Number of pages in the site listed in the DMOZ (which Google uses to generate his own) and number of pages of other sites that are in that directory linking to the URL.
  • Check Whether the site is or is not in the Yahoo directory.
  • If you’re in the Best of the Web.
  • The first time the page was indexed by spiders
  • Unique visits a month according to

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pay per click services said...

quantity is better but Quality is best:) Thanks for the tips.Good Day:)

AB said...

Glad you like it !!

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