Public beta of the Winstep Nexus Dock released

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The Winstep Nexus dock is a FREE, stand alone, version of the Nexus dock that is part of the Winstep Xtreme suite of applications, although it has no support for multi-docks and multi-level sub-docks, unlike its bigger 'cousin' in Winstep Xtreme.

This first public beta release features a new User Interface with multi-language support that will also become part of Winstep Xtreme later this month. Because of this, and ONLY until then, if you click on the Winstep Xtreme link in the About tab of Nexus Preferences you get a nice 50% off promotion.

Nexus Features:
  • Live icon reflections.
  • Dock magnification, swing, bounce, afterglow and many other incredible mouse over effects.
  • Water ripple, fluid surface, fluid reflections and many more dock animation effects.
  • Automatic Vista glass blur for semi-transparent dock backgrounds.
  • Dock auto-hide and auto-collapse to take up as little screen space as possible.
  • Built-in clock, weather, recycler, fortune cookie reader, email checker, net, CPU and ram meter docklets/widgets.
  • Over 80 useful internal commands.
  • Supports drag & drop of virtual file system objects (My Computer, Control Panel, etc...).
  • Completely customizable - thousands of backgrounds freely available.
  • Fully compatible with skins for all other docks.
  • Full drag & drop support with extremely easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Multi language support (supported languages on this beta: English, French, German, Portuguese).
  • Includes Update Manager to look for, download, and automatically install new versions.
  • And many, many, other incredible features!


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