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iPhone is having some unique features, at the mean time it’s lacking some common mobile features. One thing that most iPhone users were missing is office tools on iPhone. Since, iPhones doesn't have any default application to manage Word, Excel, PowerPoint works, people were depending on various third party office tools, which were not up to the mark. Finally this wait and limitations are over. Office suite QucikOffice is available for iPhones now. You can download QuickOffice for your iPhone and start editing/making new office files easily.

QuickOffice gives you three powerful office tools on your iPhone. QuickWord, QuickSheet and QucikOffice

You can use QuickWord to create or Edit MS-WORD Files with cut, copy or paste functionality. Most MS Word features making this Office tool handy and user friendly.

QuickSheet is specially designed for MS Excel spreadsheets. Do all your Excel related jobs with this finest iPhone office suite. Supports all advanced Excel features.

QuickOffice helps accessing your Mobile iDisk account remotely. Ability to exchange file transfer process with Macintosh or PC using WI-FI connectivity.

This office suite stands up to expectations. You can download QuickOfiice and give it a try. It costs $19.99 only. Trail downloads might be available presently.

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