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SMS Trap is something that never fails to help you get your partner off guard. Our software will make reading other people’s SMS as easy as ABC.

Ready for some real spy stuff ? Want to test your beloved or just trick your best buddy ?
This is exactly what you need then ! Be aware of everything ! This is a service for you !

All you have to do to start using our service:

- Install it at the cell phone of your partner

In an archive contained row of program copies, specially adapted under tu, or other brand of telephone. There is a copy even under I-phone! All you need is to get an archive, choose a file with the name, proper the type of telephone of "victim", vyzubrit' weigh simple process of setting (for comfort he in pictures, with description, for every brand of telephone separately), and to wait an appropriate moment, to begin to swing a file on the telephone of "victim", for example, on bluetooth. We set, and glad!

Size: 6.03 Mb


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