EA : First-Person Punching To NHL 10

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Get ready to experience what it's really like to punch Canadians and Eastern Europeans in the face when NHL 10 ships this September. Electronic Arts has added first-person view brawling to the professional hockey sim.

First person brawlers are few and far between—only a handful, like Condemned, BreakdownZeno Clash, have found some degree of success with their attempts—but that's not going to stop EA from letting you rain blows on the professional athlete of your choosing. The new addition is just one of "more than 200 gameplay refinements" shipping with the next iteration, according to EA, including the arrival of "towel-waving fans." Jeez, finally. and

Of course, EA has slightly more worthwhile gameplay improvement planned for NHL 10, including bobble passes, scrums, and the option to one-time loose pucks, three things that illustrate how out of touch I am with the sport of hockey. Other additions include an all-new board physics engine, 360° precision passing mechanic and the ability to shoot while kneeling.

The game is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, skipping the PC and PlayStation 2.

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