Get $32K for Nokia 1100..Shocked ?

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Hackers are willing pay you straight $32K cash if you have a Nokia 1100 mobile phone with you. The actual cost of this phone model has never been more than $130, but today this small budget mobile phone can change your whole life style at once. Hackers are using this handset to hack mobile banking and hence $32K is not a big deal for them.

Hackers are searching for a particular Nokia 1100 mobile model, made in German during 2003. All Nokia 1100 model phones made in Bochum factory, German in 2003 are having some security flaws and makes it possible to hack into internet banking system
using SMS spoofing.

Banks in German and Holland use TAN (Transaction Authentication Number) to complete mobile phone banking transactions. Using those particular Nokia 1100 model phones, hackers can send TAN number queries to banks from any number using SMS spoofing tricks. Even Nokia, is still to figure out this security flaw and comment on it.

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