Speed up Dial-up internet connection

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As we all know, Dial-up internet really sucks when it comes to speed .But comparatively low charges makes many users to stick on to their Dial-up plans. So, by the keeping the connection intact ,we can make some changes in operating system to bring out a maximum speed from our current Dial-up plan . These settings can be done manually or by using software's .Onspeed is such a software that can speed up normal dial up internet to 20-30% and broadband to about 10% .Onspeed is a shareware but here you can download onspeed full version through a promotional offer .

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Onspeed is trusted software provider who are having more than half million customers .Their technology CSC (Content Sensitive Compression ) compresses web pages and emails ,before they are sent to users browser . They compresses almost all static and dynamic websites with graphics and images . Unfortunately this technology doesn't work with streaming videos and SSL secured websites .Here Onspeed uses their compression servers to speed up dial-up and broadband connection of licensees .So you have to license Onspeed with about £25/ year .

Thanks to Tata communication service YuvaYantra . Now they are offering full version of Onspeed 6 for free . And this offer is available only for Indian customers . Others can use some proxies to avail this offer.

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