Orkut Tricks : Send scraps with More Smileys & Graphical-glittering texts

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This Script will add a toolbar for formatting & smileys in Orkut. So you can send scraps to your friends with more smileys and graphical glittering texts.I have tested this script manually and it works perfectly for me. Look the Screenshot of smileys at left side. Animated smileys looks pretty.


(Must have Mozilla Firefox)

A)Install GreasemonkeyScript

B)then Install Script for Orkut extra Smiley and Glitering text

C)Log in to orkut home page and go to anyone's scrapbook.

D)Then right click onhttp://vishalgkr.googlepages.com/greesmonkey.JPG icon which will appear bottom right side of your browser and select Manage User script.

E)Then Manage User script window will appear , just click on the Add button of rite side under Included pages(Which will add "orkut.com/orkut.co.in").

F) Now you are done, Enjoy

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OnlineDefine said...

Do you have any Idea of Sending Srcap to all my friends?

Thank You

AB said...

@ OnlineDefine

We will soon write a post regarding this.

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