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As we all know it is now possible to watch live streaming cricket online. Orkut is India’s busiest social networking website & its now full of application so you can access any application to catalog yours orkut profiles to get latest information. And Orkut Applications are become more popular day by day. So I am posting here a great orkut application to watch the live simulation of the cricket matches online.

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Cricket Live orkut application basically gives unique kind of simulation of all the action happening on a Cricket Ground.The simulation is backed up with a Pip Screen (to give a close-up look at the cricketing action in the centre) along with an integrated Audio and Text Commentary and some eye-catching mascot animations. While these serve as providing the end-user with the fastest updates of the game, the Chat module in the same player has the Users discussing the sport they love and anything else.

This application originally developed by crickfeeds. World's first social online cricket launch pad. At get access to thousand of Archive matches both International and domestic. Search , and match all your favorite matches into matchlist and dedicate them to your friends.


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