Transform your text into a voice message

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Voice messages are faster to create, more personal and more expressive. Speak-A-Message produces very small audio files and recipients don’t need Speak-A-Message for playback. Free for home use. Besides voice email, Speak-A-Message can be used to record voice notes, add audio comments to MS Word(tm) documents or MS PowerPoint(tm) presentations. Speak-A-Message also integrates with MS Outlook.

Speak-A-Message is free for private use and can be downloaded here. Speak-A-Message can also be used to add audio comments to text documents or to add your voice comments to presentations. You can also add great sound effects to your messages and change the user interface to your liking. Many skins are already available for Speak-A-Message and you can even create your own skin from a digital photograph or image. You can attach any skin to a message. When listening to the message, the recipient will see your skin

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