World's Oldest Blogger : Randall Butisingh (96 years old)

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Above is a picture of Randall butisingh, he is considered to be world's oldest blogger...After certain period of age people lost his interest in many aspects of life, 96 year old Randall Butisingh is not only aware with recent developments of internet but also started to write his own blogs. He is known as a world’s oldest blogger.

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Butisingh believes that learning is a process, which never ends. A man learns till the end of his/her life. He learned Arabic at the age of 80 for reading Quran. At the age of 95, he started to learn Spanish and he is learning it slowly. Nowadays, Butisingh is busy to study the Hindu religion and philosophy.

Butising’s blogs are versatile and different from others including Buxton (his home town), economics, politics, environment, history, philosophy, poetry, psychology, religion and so on.
Born in Buxton, Butisingh has never visited India as he does not like travelling, however he is updated with the history and culture of the country. He is a fond of languages. He grew up in African slaves, where dialect of Hindi and Creolese were spoken. He knows both Indian languages Hindi and Urdu.

Butisingh has very long family of four sons, three daughters, 19 grandchildren and 18 greatchildren. Now, he is living with his daughter in the US, where he can do his all interests.

I am a learner. I believe that when one stops learning he ceases to live and that it is never too late to learn,” Butisingh says.

Born in 1912, with memories spanning back to 1914, it’s time you showed your elders some respect and paid Mr. Butisingh a visit on the Web.

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