Resources to learn Photoshop For Free (Part 01)

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Photoshop is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to master hundreds of menu options, keyboard shortcuts and tricks. There are also specific ways of doing certain things, and you should master all of them before you can call yourself to be a Photoshop Guru.

Following are the resources, not in any particular order, to master every aspect of Photoshop on the web, for free.

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  • Youtube is undoubtedly the best resource for Photoshop enthusiasts. You can find a video tutorial for doing almost anything in photoshop here. The reason behind this is that most of the websites who publish Photoshop tutorials, host their tutorials on youtube and then embed it on their tutorial page. They do this to save bandwidth while streaming the video.

  • Luxa, popularly known as a social networking site for Photoshop, contains video tutorials, general tutorials, design articles, brushes and much more photoshop related stuff. All the material on Luxa is selected by users’ votes so its bound to be the best.

  • PSHero is run by a single person who calls himself, and rightly so, to be a Photoshop Hero. Here you can find some of the most practical tutorials which are really easy to follow. Definitely recommended for a Photoshop beginner.

  • PhotoshopTutorials contains tutorials that uses the latest versions of Photoshop (CS3 and CS4), though they claim that their tutorials are backward compatible with the older versions starting with CS. I tried some of their tutorials and its true. This site is updated very frequently and contains some really good Photoshop tutorials.

  • Photoshop Talent, like Luxa, is another social networking site for Photoshop Fans. This is also geared towards contests where you submit your modified images and win prizes on the bases of community votes. You can also maintain your Art Portfolio on this site by creating your personal albums on this site.

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