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GIMP - which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program - is a testament to how open source applications can successfully compete with their proprietary, commercial counterparts. Rich with an amazing set of useful tools and effects filters in a user-friendly GUI, GIMP is an excellent application for image editing and graphics creation.

In this article, you’ll find 5 excellent sites that feature design tutorials and information about GIMP.

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Gimp-tutorials.net is a blog-format site that also features user-submitted tutorials. Some tutorials you’ll find in Gimp-tutorials.net are "Blog Theme Design tutorial", "Adding life into a Flat Photograph" and "Split-toning in GIMP".

GimpTalk is a large community site for anything and everything GIMP-related. GimpTalk has a GIMP Tutorials and Tips forum which has excellent and useful tutorials like "GIMP Scripting 101", "Setting up GIMP for artistic work", and "Pencil drawing with GIMP".

Gimpology is a place that allows users to submit their own GIMP tutorials or share links to tutorials they’ve found on the web. Some popular tutorials on Gimpology include "Fake HDR Look in Gimp", "Authentic Vintage Effect", and "Make Your Photo Look Like a Hollywood Movie".

The official GIMP site has a tutorial section that features detailed tutorials to help users get up and running with GIMP. There’s also a section for more advanced users to help them master GIMP, helping them learn about how to apply a sketched effect on a photo or how to create professional icons.

GIMPguru.org is a site dedicated to sharing information about photo-editing and photo-manipulation in GIMP. The tutorial section has a host of useful tutorials that show you how to blend exposures to increase dynamic range and how to simulate film grain, among other techniques.

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