Spamming Day Coming...BEWARE !!!

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14 February i.e. Valentine’s Day you will probably receive lot of e-mails with more or less romantic content. However, caution is required because behind the electronic messages of love are often hide spam mails, and Trojan horses.

For example, e-mails with subject lines like “In Your Arms” or “With all my love” message, it is highly likely to be spam. In the e-mail you will be prompted on a link to click. Once you click one of the heart depicted in the annex - “Waledec Bot” will be installed on your computer. This is a program that takes care to flood your spam box of email account.

This post is to warn you and make you aware about the fact. So, secure your Computers with latest virus definitions of your Antivirus programs. It is recommended to install good antispy-adware to protect your system data. Take the advantage of Ad-aware anniversary edition which available for free download.

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