A Guide To Buy Best Digital Camera

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If you are planning to buy a new digital camera but confused in selecting the best one for you, then you have landed on the perfect place. Here I will guide you in choosing the best camera for you. Best camera means the best features that you can get within your budget. You won’t like to spend extra bucks in buying expensive digital camera with fully loaded features that you are not going to use, certainly! You won’t even like to loose the best possible camera for you for few extra bucks. So, here I will explain all those things that a digital camera should have.

Many people (may be you also) think that the quality of a camera is judged from it’s megapixels. Do not do this mistake. Megapixels are important to get clear pictures, but it does not complete a camera. If you are a professional photographer who prints the images after shooting, you might go for higher megapixels. But you should also have an eye on the controls of digital cameras. Is it light or heavy in weight! Is it having automatic colour correction or not! What’s its size! Do you have to configure few things manually or the camera would do it itself! Think about these things as these thing play a very vital role.

While buying a digital camera look for the below features:

  • MegaPixels - Megapixels decide the quality of your image. If you are using high megapixel camera, then your picture will be sharp and clear. Most digital cameras come with 5 megapixel lens and this is pretty good for normal users. If you are buying for your personal use, then a camera with 5 megapixel lens will be the best for you. If you are a professional, you can go up to 10 megapixels camera according to your work and usages.
  • Look and Feel - The most important thing is that the digital camera should be handy. You may use your camera on a trip, picnic, party, so you would prefer a light weighted camera. Having a heavy camera will put extra load on you and you won’t feel comfortable taking pictures after sometime. Another thing that matters is size. Check if you can find slim and small cameras. A small sized camera can easily fit itself in your pocket or in your bag. Simultaneously check it’s design. Now-a-days companies are launching cameras with a trendy look. Find the best looking camera, it will look good as well as it will motivate you to go creative while taking snaps. Trust me, it happens.
  • Lenses - Lenses are the most vital part of a camera. Today you can find cameras either with digital zoom or optical zoom. In between these two, optical zoom works best. So, check if your camera is having optical zoom. Having 3X or 5X optical zoom is best for a normal camera users. While buying, check the auto focus of the camera lens. Auto focus should be clear and sharp.
  • Manual Focus - Manual focus is important. Few times we trust us more over the camera and want to choose the best focus possible manually. A clear focus gives us the better clarity. This feature is much needed during close up photo shoots. Check if your camera can handling manual focus well or not.
  • Memory - In built memory of cameras vary from each other. It may be somewhere between 8MB to 16MB. Of course, you will get a memory chip later, but this factor should not be ignored. In case you don’t have your memory chip with you and have to take few snaps. At that moment you will depend on your camera’s inbuilt memory. So, having a digital camera with decent memory space will help you in circumstances.
  • Battery Stand By - I don’t think I need to explain this point. Having a battery with more standby life will allow you to work with your camera for a longer period. Understand the type of battery camera is using. You won’t love to pay and replace the existing battery later, would you? So, check the camera’s manual clearly and see if it’s having a decent battery stand by or not.
  • Record Audio Videos - This is optional. If you are purchasing your camera for photography only, then you can ignore this point. But if you want to have an extra advantage with your digital camera, you can consider this. Look if your digital camera supports audio & video recording or not. Few times video with audio speaks louder than a simple photograph.

These are the basic points that you should look in your digital camera. Other features might be an extra advantage, but look at your pocket, consider the above guide and select the best possible camera.

If you want to share any other point, please share on comment box. Thanks !!!

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