First Ever Solar Energy Powered Mobile Phone

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Samsung Blue Earth is the first ever mobile phone which will run on solar energy. You do not have to charge it’s battery using electric charger ever. The dream of making a mobile phone using the natural resources available on earth is finally coming true. This solar energy powered mobile phone is going to be launched soon and it’s going to crate a buzz, definitely!

This mobile phone will work on solar energy only. Samsung decided to make this mobile on the concepts of blue earth. So, they gave it a attractive look, which is blue and gives you a feel of earth. They used recycled plastic bottles in making it’s body. This is environment friendly and the next generation planning.

This handset looks gorgeous. The solar panel is in the back side of this phone. There is a megapixel camera in the back side of this phone. The most important thing is that it’s a touch screen mobile phone. After all earth is getting technical.

Samsung has not mentioned anything about the phone officially. They are yet to declare the price, operating system, configurations etc. But this Samsung Blue Earth will encourage other mobile manufactures to start producing solar energy powered mobile phones.

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