Mischa Barton - Jack Magazine (February 2009)

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Those you posted are MY PERSONAL SCANS of Jack Magazine I posted over at FanForum. I can recognize them and I don't remember giving you any authorization to use them.
Can I ask you to take them off as soon as possible please? Thanks.


AB said...


I don't know who is the original author of this post as I have taken this from other blog and their source as: "The Phun"

If you provide me the original source, I will definitely show on my post.

Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

There you go:

My nickname is MiScHa <3 and my real name is Chiara. Oh, btw you can see they are my scans cause if you look at the cover (in HQ) Mischa's got a little scratch around her belly button...which -sadly- appears on my magazine too.

Thanks for understanding...
(and I have no idea who the Phun is -_-)

best wishes!

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