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It is not the first time that Facebook is getting a Voicemail sending application. You might be knowing about such apps already which enables sending voicemail to your friends/groups on Facebook. Here’s a new application called “Voice Tag” which makes it possible to send voicemail to your groups and contacts on facebook.

The application enables you to leave a voicemail in a rather unique but more productive way. You type in your recipients number, then the app calls you, and after that you record your message and Voila!, your message is delivered to your friend or group which can be played back on the recipients browser. Good to use when you don’t have a microphone available there and then. What I found rather interesting was the support for SMS messages within the app which you don’t find in other apps.

Impressive feature about this app is the ability to call your Facebook friend on the phone no matter where she is in the world, and no matter how many times she has changed her phone number since you last talked. To know, How exactly it works, view this diagram.

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