PSP-3000 proving to be difficult for hackers to crack

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The PSP has proven to be quite the popular system among hackers and modders of all sorts, but it looks like Sony has turned the tables a bit with its latest PSP-3000 model (otherwise known as the PSP Brite), which has so far put up a stiff resistance against folks' attempts to put it to some decidedly unofficial uses. Among other things, the PSP-3000 has apparently completely shut shutting down the popular Pandora battery hack, and it's even managed to stifle new attempts by heavyweight modders like Dark Alex to crack it open. One modder, known only as Royginald, even went so far as to swap the PSP-3000's CPU out in favor of one from a PSP-2000, only to discover far too late that the 3000's new interlaced video made the entire setup quite useless. Maybe that's one of the "features" Sony was talking about?

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