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Yes that is no type there in the title of this article. The website FaceSaerch offers a face search interface and search engine that displays pictures of people that it found while looking for the phrase that the user has entered. It is a bit surprising that the search box accepts not only names but also any other input.

Entering Kill Bill for instance displays lots of pictures of actors that played in that movie. The search engine is pretty good at finding pictures of celebrities but I had less luck finding pictures of ordinary people. I checked some random Facebook profile pages and tried to find the pictures with the search engine but ran out of luck.

That’s a little bit surprising because FaceSaerch is using Google Images and their &imgtype=face parameter to find matching faces. The interface is pretty slick and has some nice effects when flipping through the hits.

It’s possible to turn safesearch off in the options which are located in the about page of the website. Deeply hidden I would say. Facesaerch provides several comfortable tools like adding widgets to another website or using RSS Feeds for searches.

An alternative would be Piclens but that would require an installation. FaceSaerch works just like it is.

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