Roadies 5.0 Poem

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Roadies 5.0 is a heck of a show ,
where every1 is given a blow
& one by one all of them go.
becoz only 1 arrow is cast from a bow.

Love and Fear is not a part of the show,
but bitching and ditching is what they know.
Its not what you say ,but what you prove
this keeps your *** on a damn hot stove.

Some are quite, some are expressive,
but all this proves to be expensive,
coz one who survives knows to survive.
and wit is where you should know to dive.

Talking, Hustling, Showing off is not bravery,
the host himself laughs on the hot story,
coz he knows the person who wins the glory.
Be careful guys, this game is full of glory.

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